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Africa's Most Popular Female Actress Bags Humanitarian Award

I bet you most people who watched her in Snow White and the Huntsman (the evil witch) without knowing who she was, would never have taken her to be African.
Charlize Theron is a major name and face in Hollywood who's been featured on huge films
And who was this week recognized for her humanitarian work for her notable work on the fight against aids
Theron who is 37 was honored this year at the World Economic Forum's annual Crystal Award Ceremony.
She was exceptional in her most recent screening 'Snow White and The Huntsman' and earlier revealed that she was discovered by an agent in a town down in California after engaging in a word fight with a bank teller who'd refused to bank her cheque.
Yup! Maybe if I had more fights in the open to, i'd get discovered.
Charlize has also starred in films 'The Devil's Advocate and 'Mighty Joe Young'.

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