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Akon Getting Sued For Doing What Now??

You know I've always wanted to be a rock star because of that moment when you throw yourself at the crowd and the crowd sorta passes you on and suddenly you're swimming on a cloud of hands.
Yeah –I'm sure I can't be the only one with that dream.
Well, Akon's clearly been living out my fantasy only his apparently ended with a lawsuit!
Yup! We hear that at a concert in Alabama, the Konvict music head honcho delivered a spirited performance after which (just like in my dreams) he threw himself at the crowd but he unfortunately landed on one of the concert workers who now claims that Akon's dive caused him some serious injuries.
It's still uncertain just how much the guy will be suing Akon for but he literally claims that since that day, he severely hurt his knee, back and head so he'll most definitely be looking for the star and the organizers to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and mental anguish.
Wonder how much THAT will be.

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