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Brand New Super Sensual Video; Avril – Hakuna Yule

She's been teasing the release of this one for days and finally, a day after Valentines, her hit single 'Hakuna Yule' now has a video.
She's one of the most planned out and stable female emcee that seems void of any drama besides the fact that men are always falling over themselves to get to her.
It's new for 2013, see for yourself if Hakuna Yule matches up to the great work done on her previous video Kitu Kimoja;
Avril later posted that the song and the video were a dedication to the men and women in the armed forces, posting this on Facebook;

Special dedication to all those men and women who are in the police force, the navy, the army, the the spouse who is at home eagerly waiting for you as you diligently defend our land and keep order..this one's for you.

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