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EXCLUSIVE! Madtraxx to Produce 254’s Next Big Movie

So he only just released 'Kumerera' days ago and now Madtraxx or should I say Maddy is among other things working on his very first film production whose release date is not set.
After tweeting about giving us something out of the usual this year, I see he wasn't mincing his words. Although the movie is still being planned out with reps close to the star revealing that they are in the process of landing sponsors, we finally got through to him so we now know a little of what to expect.
Now this film project doesn't have a name to it yet but will feature relevant issues in society like abortion. It'll be set in right here in Kenya and as for choice of actors, Madtraxx says that even though he'd rather have new talent, if he were to pick formidable characters in the current scene then Lenana Kariba from hit TV series Saints and Lies that Bind would be his choice for lead actor.

Clearly diversifying his creativity to new heights, Madtraxxx says he'd love for his film to feel like the Ludacris film 'Crash'. Remember that one? If it comes out anywhere close to that then I say we are waiting on the next big movie.
Check out the trailer to Crash here;

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