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Frank Ocean Drops Charges Against Chris Brown After Being Paid Off?

Now it's a brand new week and while I'm all about starting a fresh and moving on to new things, the world doesn't always work like that which is why we, are still on that Chris Brown –Frank Ocean drama.
To bring you up to speed on that; they had a public brawl outside of a recording studio with Frank claiming that Chris Brown assaulted him and so far, we even heard that after an alleged phone call with Roc Nation boss Jay Z Frank was getting ready to press charges but didn't
. Why?
Because as we now hear, he was paid off by Brown to the tune of 2 million dollars!!
Yup! Reps close to the stars reveal that thanks to Chris being on probation, going to court on yet ANOTHER assault charge would have not been for the best.
So, behind closed doors, the two sides are now being said to have decided that 2 million dollars was just enough to leave the whole thing hushed.
As of this weekend, Frank will not be pressing charges so Chris can relax and go back to dating Rihanna –seeing as they made that official last week to.

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