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Guess Which Rock Band Is Set To Team Up With Jay Z?

My fingers are already itching for this!
I mean, imagine a collaboration between Jay-z and Mumford &Sons?
Ohh sorry, I forgot that some of you don't know about this band (blinks)
Well, it's a London folk –rock band and if you were keen on the Grammys you'll note that they scooped an award for Album of the Year with their 2nd Album Babel.
Which I'd no doubt deem A top Award, clearly shows how massive this indie rock band is and to top that they are set to work on something new and not with any ordinary rapper but with hip- hop mogul, Jay-z. Now how bou that?
The band's front man Marcus Mumford, in a recent interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine stated, "The world has been really supportive of those songs, but then there's other sounds we want to make. Like, hip-hop. We really want to rap. We've just got so much to say - saying it through a melody doesn't really work for me. We've been talking with Jay-Z about it, you know. It's gonna be a fresh experience for our band."
Have a feeling it will be dope, and for those who are new to this band check out their song, 'little lion Man'

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