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Is There REALLY Hate Between Bongo Stars Lady Jay Dee and Prof Jay?

Well isn't this a funny story. They have been allies and friends for a long time featuring on tracks together like 'Siamini'
Lady Jay Dee and Professor Jay are both big names in the music industry so when we heard it from a source that there might be a fall out there, we decided to look it up.
What did we find? Apparently, Jay Dee has never ever featured Prof on any of her musical projects despite the fact that he's always getting her on board on his but this year she did and on a track called Joto Hasira!
Yes –so no, sorry to disappoint you but there really isn't any beef there, just a single that loosely translates to 'hot anger'.
Jay Dee took to her social network to announce their first ever collabo, asking fans to help pick out a suitable cover for the CD it'll be on.
Listen to both of them on 'Siamini';

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