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Kanye West DISSES 'Suit and Tie'

It was meant to be Justin Timberlake's big comeback. He's been gone for a minute, and this was his opportunity to prove that he could reclaim his crown from some of the people who've been running the Crossover RnB scene in his absence.
When it first leaked online.... Not a whole lot of people were feeling it. Pairing up with Jay-Z, the song felt a little disjointed (personal opinion). But it was a fresh sound for someone who has previously been so dominant on the scene that it was almost certainly going to divide the listening public.
Enter Mr. Drama – Kanye West. He's never been great at keeping his personal opinions to himself, and this weekend was no exception. While on tour in London, the rapper shouted out to the crowd that although he has 'love for Jay Z'... he's not ****ing with Suit and Tie.
Ouch. Remember when he and Hov were BFFs? I'm imagining that this really didn't need to be said. Then again, it is Kanye. Are we really THAT surprised?

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