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KENRAZY s Letter To His Fans

ME!! RETIRE NOW!! HELL NO!! –wataSH2QAzaidi-
The reason for writing this letter is to clear off the circulating word that im retiring. I’ll take this chance to explain what exactly happened because it’s so sad that a boy in Nakuru almost killed himself by the thought that he will never hear anything else from me and it has demoralized many artists who were trying to come up.
For the 2weeks before the official release of my new Hit Song "SH2QA", I was on locked doors in studio constantly working on “THE BEST LYRICIST II” , my 3rd mixtape which is dropping 13th April 2013. At this time, the full concentration on this 21 track mixtape couldn’t allow for facebook nor twitter and I needed to let ya’ll know the count down to the new SH2QA before it drops.
So I requested my boy Peter [twitter handle @peterkanjz] whom I gave both my passwords to let you know that SH2QA was dropping 13th Jan 2013. His duty was to daily remind everyone about SH2QA for the 14 days that I was not in a position to access the internet due to the marathon recording sessions I had.
One of those days he updated that SH2QA was going to be my last track on both my social sites, him thinking it was just hype for the music something I could have known then I would have acted fast but amazingly the news spread beyond saving the situation .I came to know about it after 2days when my stablemate Caltoz Jinamizi called me to tell me that @ghaflakenya had written an article about me quiting music. On the same day also qouted the status Peter had put on my social sites introducing the song as my last song. Though my boy Peter appologised and I quote “manze mi nilikuwa nachocha tu hype” , to me it was a dangerous move and I tried to fix it by attending radio interviews just to clarify that im still here and to stay.
But still to my suprize it's still rapidly raising pressure among many of my fans that’s why I have decided to let everyone know what exactly happened.
I never imagined I could have such a great impact on people’s lives, because of this I vow to be a bit more carefull on who I let pass my message to y'all.
I can never retire any time soon 1st because I will for a long time work for you Qrazyfanz.
It is evident im the only one who gives you tracks to dance to as well as educative messages in them with as usual taight and Qrazy lyrics coz I’d never wana let you down.
Then 2ndly my associates Rapdamu, Sosuun , Caltoz Jinamizi , Timmy , Gyn Ideal , also my team still have a lot of stuff and suprises for you this 2013.
Finally thank ya’ll for the support , love and most of all your constant concern about me. It feels more than great to hear someone ask “Razy alienda?” ama “Razy ametoa ngoma gani sai” . Let me just say I have the best and Qraziest fanz in the world.
Watch out for SH2QA video and a suprize video dropping this February.
To those who hate : “hate is only a form of love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.
And as I said “niling’ang’ana kufika na mi C-TOQI”.

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