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Mary J Blige Going Broke! Truth or Rumor?

So much for her inspiring rags to riches story because word is, Mary J Blige is back to rags again.
Alright, so thanks to TMZ, it's been revealed that the singer is in massive debt having thousands of dollars in defaulted loans and back taxes, with latest reports even suggesting that she has now been hit with a $900,000 law suit.
Yup! Hate to see her go down that road and especially since she's from the generation that made all the phenoms in the industry like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
Well, if these turn out to be true then Mary J unfortunately joins a rooster of celebs to have also had debt issues like Bow Wow, Kat Williams and even Wesley Snipes.
I hope it all turns out great and drama-less for the star speaking of which, here's her record from way back when 'No More Drama'.

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