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Michael Jackson’s Brother Changes His Name –No Longer a Jackson?

This is one family that should already be used to all the drama that comes with fame.
I think the media let them breathe for a while after Michael passed on but making the scene again is big brother Jermaine who has decided to change his name from Jackson to 'Jacksun'.
Yeah Jermaine had his name change petition granted to him last week and after that went on to make headlines, he later came out to explain that he only did it on artistic grounds.
The Jacksons have been a tight knit family and I guess since this wouldn't be the first time Jermaine has changed his name, then this shouldn't come as a shocker.
That's right –in 1989, he changed his name to Mohammad Abdul Aziz after turning Muslim.
The star is currently on tour with his brothers Tito, Marlon and Jackie.

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