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Nonini Launches His ‘Colour kwa Face’ Calendars

Looks like ranking in millions for this rapper is not enough…he just launched a calendar that’s aimed to fund his ‘Colour kwa Face’ campaigns. If you ain’t familiar with the campaign, let me give some background information.
Nonini started a campaign called “Colour kwa Face’ that aims at helping Albinos financially and also raising awareness on the dangers they face daily. The campaign has been one of the most successful music campaigns ever.
Nonini is now inviting Kenyans of goodwill to help him in donating money and sunscreen to reach all the albinos in the country. Well, with that out of the way he has just released a calendar that features him sharing an apple with a lady.
You can show your support for his cause by buying as many calendar as possible…at least you’ll know where the money is heading…

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