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Official Release! Another Amazing Track by Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait

Now there is obviously a lot of sensitivity about keeping the peace especially among most of our stars and maybe none so much as Jimmy Gait.
Elections are coming up and yes. We've seen our stars on twitter, flooding our time lines with peace messages and when it comes to songs about peace, they are countless.
Where to start, Nyota Ndogo released one, Rufftone has one, Juliani is currently making a video for one and now fresh for this year, Jimmy Gait otherwise known as the maestro behind hit singles like Furi Furi, just released one.
You will love it from the get go because it's an entirely different sound from what we are used to and because it's pretty damn relevant.
This time around, the singer gets on a fast paced afro-beat in a track called 'Marungu'.
T's not been played anywhere else so check out this tiny snippet of Jimmy Gait's single here;

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