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Oooh No... Erick Wainaina & Atemi Didn’t Do That! (Pics)

Atemi n Eric

Yes they did, they really let us down,(smh)
So we dressed up, made sure we looked fab and headed to the Nairobi National Museum at Parklands where a jazz gig dubbed 'All That Jazz' was going down.
We weren't going to miss out on this given that Erick Wainaina and Neo soul diva, Atemi were on the list of performers. Everyone was assured of a night of nothing but sick Jazz.
So the pair took to stage and lawd knows how the crowd cheered,we were beaming with excitement plus who doesn't love that mellow music from Erick?
But heey! Guess what happened? A single track is what we got from the duet and they left the stage, I mean it took them around seven minutes and they were DONE! ...Yes.
Trust me, the crowd was left...LOADING... And to think we'd get a couple of pieces from them, we were in for a surprise.

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