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Our Little Piece of Jamaica; Notable Riddims Produced in the 254

These days if you can't party to dancehall then good luck finding a club that won't play it.
It's almost like Kenyans were once Jamaicans in a past life because the love for the Caribbean culture here is real! People everywhere love dancehall and if you don't believe me then ask whichever deejay you know or better yet, listen to the radio.
Names like Alaine, Chris Martin and Cecile became such household names after they came down to perform at the Carnivore courtesy of yours truly HBR, and even went on to get featured on local projects, working with our own dancehall star Wyre.
Now in true Kenyan spirit we went on to own the idea of producing riddims that in the recent past, we have had 254 produced reggae-dancehall chunes, some that even feature major Jamaican artists.
I think the first one was the Falling Angel Riddim by Arch Angel Records.
It did well in the market considering that it was a first attempt at an all Kenyan Riddim although it could be because it came out around 2011 when dancehall was on a high and there was even Uptown FM that exclusively played it.
Falling Angel Tracklist
01. Always Be There – Rizla ft Levysill
02. Falling Angel – Goldenchyl
03. Remedy – Redsun
04. Come Closer – Shamir a.k.a Singer X
05. Decorate my heart – Osman Ft Vini Banton
06. Be a change – Wyre
07. Can't Have Mi Man – Nazizi
08. Wakenya Wanateta – Po-q-pine
09. Mtoto Mrembo – Levysill
10. You Changed – Pentamony
11. Ghetto Youths Hungry – Fireson
Daring to do what hadn't been done before, producers at the Archangel studios got together big names in our industry like Wyre, Redsun and Nazizi, even going on to add Goldenchyl a Jamican born reggae artist as well and now as we are about to see, that was not Kenya's last attempt at a dancehall riddim.
Next after that came a few others, though not in the particular order that I am going to list.
Other notable production house Krushal Entertainment also launched a riddim last year called the Passionate Riddim which by the way went on to be played on BBC show host Robo Rank's Turn it Up! Yeah big Shamir! His cut on that is called 'Saving the best' and is probably one of the best one drop produced in Kenya if you ask me.
That would bring the number of riddims we have here at home to two so at number three, is a riddim that attracted a lot of attention because of it's name.

Produced by Riddim Culture, this debuted as the first ever Kenyan-Ugandan dancehall riddim that featured new kid on the scene HopeKid and also;

1. Dafari - Kenyan Airways
2. Philla - Greater Love
3. Suz-eye - Glory to God
4. HopeKid - Designer Jeans
5. Ivlyn - Sound the alarm
6. Mista Googz - Jesus
7. Ting Seh - Give Thanks
8. Pastor Samukat - Wonders & Signs

That came out early this year and went on to get a lot of attention from multiple entertainment news websites and after that, came ZJ Heno's 'Sunrise riddim.

He is one of Kenya's acclaimed dancehall deejays and founder of Empire Sounds, the label that went on to produce this riddim.

It's still a one drop feel and it features upcoming Kenyan singers as well as Jamaican singers we have all heard off.

He teased it a couple of times on his reggae dancehall show The Kingston 10 but it is now officially out with songs like Freeman's 'Watch over Me' already available on iTunes.

Yup! Probably one of the few Kenyan produced riddims on the music site so kudos ZJ Heno!

Along with Freeman, other artists on the Sunrise Riddim include, Shamir, CK, Timeka Marshall, Amina (yes. Paint the town red Amina), Daville, Tifa and Chronixx.

Finally, last but not least, is the much awaited for G- Money produced Prime Riddim.

If you listened to his show 'G in the morning', then you may have even heard him talk about it. Knowing G, this one will probably be the biggest one ever because Mr. Dancehall ambassador here has a bunch of big names that are going to feature in it.

It's not yet been released and will in fact not be out before March and he named it Prime with its other name being the Rosetta Riddim, a name that was his beloved late grandma's.

G lost his grandma early last year so the much anticipated riddim will be in loving memory of her.

So those are the notable dancehall riddims produced in the 254 among the few others that exist still though not getting a lot of airplay like the Street Vendor Riddim which features Freeman and Shamir and also the Kollege riddim.

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