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PICS!! Guess Who Is Set To Drop His Own Clothing line?

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Some time back we shared news about gospel artist, Kris Erroh or rather 'Kris Mmh Baba' as we all know him and his plans on coming up with his own clothing line, remember?
Well, seems he wasn't joking about that, but heeyy! Hold on! don't be too excited, he hasn't dropped it just yet but we nagged him to spill some juice about his brand 'Erroh Wear' which will be launched very soon and the lad was kind enough to give us samples.
Check them out, pretty sure some guys will change their wardrobes after seeing this.
Kris Eeh Baba-057

Kris Eeh Baba-122

Kris Eeh Baba-101

Kris Eeh Baba-142

Kris Eeh Baba-038

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