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Read It Here! The LATEST on the Goldie Case

Now after her untimely passing, a sequence of rather shocking events took place that began to make this whole thing feel like a sop opera gone wrong!
I mean while we mourned the death of an amazing performer and a great singer, first we found out that her supposed engagement to Prezzo was a rumor; we found out as well, that she was even married before and that her husband didn't want Prezzo going to visit Goldie's family and now?
Well now there's apparently another woman in the picture.
it seems that, the man Goldie is assumed to have been married to, had been married before to another woman who posted outrageous claims on her Facebook about Goldie having snatched her husband away from her!
Yup! From a popular Nigerian blog Nigerian Films, apparently, a woman by the name of Ifeoma posted on the social network that Goldie and 'Harvey' (Goldie's said husband), got married before their divorce was finalized.
In fact, the post which Harvey later went on to call out as bogus, read;
"Leonard Andrew Harvey i think you have a lot of explanations to do and please do not push me to the limit because this will result to a lot of prosecutions on your part.
Leonard Andrew Harvey be careful of what you are doing and saying cause you are hurting our kids.
This is your final warning anymore of your lies I will instruct my lawyers to issue proceedings."
Yeah this story keeps getting better and better doesn't it?
Meanwhile, official autopsy results showed that Goldie's unfortunate passing wasn't associate to drugs as was rumored before, but to a hypertensive heart disease.
Even with all the talk, we do wish the family well and hope that Goldie's legacy lives on.

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