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Star Studded Event; Next Big Concert Happening at the Coast

Now Avril, Rabbit, Ala C and Marya are currently the most played artists in the 254 right now... although we really are still waiting on a more recent Marya Single.
Avril only just came out with the Sensual Video to Hakuna Yule, and now still on the mission to promote peace (which it seems that all of our stars are on), she'll be hitting the road with other stars Rabbit, Ogopa co-star Marya and Walking class artist Ala C.
She tweeted earlier about that saying;
avril nyambura ‏@AvrilKenya
All of us coming to Mombasa this Sunday for #IRun4IntregrityPRES HIRE TO SEE THE PHOTOS
'I run for integrity' is an initiative aimed at advocating tolerance, peace and integrity in leadership.

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