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Uh-oh! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Relationship on the Rocks?

And here I was hoping for a happily ever after. Kanye and Kim took the scene as the next 'it' couple and are even expecting a baby together but reports online claim that their little cloud nine has gotten much smaller.
So far we know that Kanye was looking to wife Kim but couldn't, since her divorce to Chris Humphries was not finalized and apparently Humphries is in no apparent rush to let Kim go.
Yeah in a statement, his lawyers said they don't understand why they need to fast forward the process because Kim got accidentally knocked up and while that's a little harsh, it is not even the problem.
The problem we hear, is that Kanye is tired of always being seen with his boo. See I always thought that it was going to damage his gangster rep although, isn't dating a woman with big a** great for a guy's rep? Maybe I should ask Vera Sidika's boyfriend (pun intended). Lol
The rapper who's working on a 2013 album wants to move to Paris for at least two months so he can complete it and as reported by sources, Kim Kardashian has apparently been advised to give him his 'space'.
Better not be headed where we think it's headed.

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