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Valentines Fever! Dami Duro Star Davido Looking For a Date Via Twitter

Valentines is coming up soon and you won't believe who's looking for a date online!
Yeah Nigerian Superstar Davido decided to take his plea to twitter, asking all women who happen to be his fans and who would love to go out with him to show up at a certain place in Nigeria, tweeting;

My valentines gon be da luckiest girl in the world just watch 
Are u @iam_Davido biggest female fan? U wnt a date with him? Come to Facade Bishop Aboyade road 2morrow 2pm

I'd love to believe that he's not about to date ALL the women that show up but his search, whatever it's for, is obviously related to Valentines day which means that we'll be finding out more soon enough.
Meanwhile, she's famous in the 254 even (though not always for the best of reasons), twitter's Boss Lady Huddah Monroe confessed to being a massive Davido fan recently To the one of Radio station, saying that if he wasn't much younger then he might have even been on her 'to-do' list if you know what I mean, so too bad that that was only meant for women living in Nigeria. Or was it?

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