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Watch Beyonce Do the Dutty Wine in Super Bowl Performance (Video)

Better watch your back Rihanna! I think mama Blue Ivy is making a comeback for her sexiest woman in pop title.
This weekend, Beyonce or Mrs. Sean Carter if you like, gave a heart stopping performance at the long awaited American Super Bowl after putting an end to the lip-synching rumors.
She's clearly been working out. Performing in front of thousands of people, Beyonce took us back to her booty popping days even bringing Kelly Rowland and Michelle on stage for a Destiny's Child Throwback although singer Keyshia Cole didn't feel as jazzed as the rest of us was.
Yeah sorry to have to put in some negativity but sources online claim that as the rest of us were enjoying the whole shebang, Keyshia didn't like the 'Michelle' part of the performance.
Apparently she took it to twitter to, where she called Michelle whack refusing to take back her words when angry fans flooded her TL.
There's clearly a lot more going on there. I mean Michelle was barely even on for 5 minutes. Oh well!
I guarantee you'll abuse the replay icon on this one. Check out Beyonce's Steamy and Legendary Half Time Performance at the 2013 Super Bowl which has already gone viral.

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