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What’s All This Fuss About Prezzo/ Goldie Wedding?

goldie n prezzo

So word out there had it that  rapper Prezzo and Nigerian pop singer Goldie were going to tie the knot, as if that wasn't enough a DATE was even scheduled for the celebrity couple's nuptials - 9th Feb 2013!
Well although being patient pays, not in this case! We waited to see how it would all go down but there was no signs of anything going down -  Goldie in fact was halfway across the world!  She was busy posing with Ciara and Chaka Khan at The Grammys.
Prezzo even went as far as dismissing the rumour, but seems some people will not lay off them until it happens.
Yess... I know they look cute together and they would make a great couple,  but let's leave that to them!  No use rushing them!

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