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Worst Dressed Men in Oscar History[What Were They Thinking? ]

See now while it's assumed to be common sense that when walking a red carpet, people should be dressed for glamour, some people EVIDENTLY don't get that.
What can I say, it's half the reason we watch award shows because even though it's great to see well put together looks, it's epically hilarious to check out the massive fails as well.
Well apparently these guys made such a horrid impact on the minds of Oscar viewers that an entire online feature was dedicated just for them. Lol –the part? These are names of people you've paid to watch at the cinemas before so lets check out the list of the worst dressed men to ever attend the Oscars over the years.

Isaac Santa maybe?...
 C 3Po –Yes the Star Wars character. Apparently he made the list for dressing up like the actual award.
Robert Downy Jr. Lol! No this does NOT look like dude from Iron Man.
Tim Robbins. Pretty sure the glitter on the tux is what got him on the list. Weird!
 Dennis Rodman. Well, you can see for yourself
 N Sync. We hear they got on this list by being wearing the most hair gel imaginable!

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