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Big Booty Girl Vee Sidika to Star in Ugandan Music Video

Now here's one woman who knows how to use her ass-ets....if you know what I mean.
She's Vera Sidika, otherwise known as the big booty girl from the video You Guy.
Well, aside from making the scene thanks to twitter and Facebook beefs, word is that she's gotten so popular in East Africa, Ugandan duo Radio and Weasel now want to feature her in one of their videos!
Yeah the crew have had hit singles top charts in their home country and it wasn't until they had one of their songs 'Magnetic' beaten by 'You Guy' (on an online poll carried out by a Ugandan Website), did they decided to look into what made the video so special.
Yeah, she's obviously become the ultimate video vixen in Kenya and it now looks like her booty is on demand outside the country to!
Radio and Weasel are most notable for hit singles like 'Nakudata' and thought Vera was Ugandan because of her bodacious curves and booty but no. She's 100% Kenyan.
They should be warned though; she did get the You Guy video banned from TV here.

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