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Bongo Star Diamond Turns Down 80 Million Oho Big Ballin’ Much?

In case you ever had any doubts about whether or not singers get paid good cash. Allow me to introduce you to Diamond.
You probably already know him as one of Tanzania's most established recording artists and now we hear that this singer was last week offered an 80 million (Tanzanian Shilling) deal to perform at a concert abroad, a deal which he refused!!
His hit single 'Kesho' is still getting massive airplay and as reported by online sources, the Mbagala star turned down the 80 million deal, taking to Facebook to explain that promoters of the event failed to meet certain requirements above and beyond the 80 Million.
The gig was meant to be in Germany and following his cancellation, rumor has it that the same promoters plan to up their game and give Diamond a better deal money-wise.
That's right. Better than 80 –flipping- million!

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