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Bongo Swag! Lady Jay Dee and Professor Jay in ‘Joto Hasira’ (VIDEO)

You know I get that Kiswahili is their official language (Tanzanian's I mean) and I clearly understand that we massacred it to make sheng' so it really shouldn't be my fault that I thought there was beef between these two artists.
You see, when it first came out that they had a single together, I literally thought there was 'Joto and Hasira' (heat and hate) between them only to find out that THAT was what their song was called.
Well my bad I guess =)
They've collaborated in the past and seeing as they are veterans in the Bongo music scene, then it's no surprise that this would make headlines.
The single 'Joto Hasira' was released this year and has a video that premiered this week. Check it out;

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