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BOOM! Justin Timberlake’s Comeback to Kanye’s Diss

Now it's starting to look like there might be beef brewing between Justin Timberlake and Kanye West.
See it all started when Kanye publicly announced that he doesn't feel Jay T's Suit and Tie Collabo reportedly going on stage to say 'I love Jay Z but I'm not f***ing with Suit and Tie'.
Yeah hip hop critics are describing that collabo as 'lukewarm' but as his comeback to Mr. West's comments, during a live performance with Jay Z this weekend, Justin Timberlake changed a part of the lyrics of that song from 'My Hit's so sick...'something something', picked up a habit'
To 'My hit's so sick got rappers acting dramatic!'
Drama much? We'll have to see how that goes but meanwhile how do YOU rate Suit and Tie? Check out it's video here;

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