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Chameleone Sues Radio Presenter For 100 Mil

Looks like we better watch what we say about Ugandan star Chameleone because word online is that him and his lawyers just slapped a radio show host in UG, with a law suit worth 100 million Ugandan shillings.
See what happened (according to sources) was that there was this rumor of him allegedly having physically assaulted/mishandled kids while he was picking up his own children from school (one day) and while that was just a rumor, a radio show host decided to make jokes about it which clearly pissed him off enough to demand for 100 Ugandan million worth of compensation!
Yup! Mwalimu Rachel says that as a radio show host you should always know when to joke about something and when NOT to joke about something but as for this guy?
Wow. Well let's just say he'll have to learn that the hard way.
Check out part of the letter sent by the Valu Valu singer's lawyers to the presenter (as posted by Uganda Online);
"Your imaginary and baseless accusations portrayed our client as an irresponsible parent of violent predisposition who should never be allowed in the company of children...."
"We have also been instructed to demand from you Ugx100m being compensation as a direct result of your mischief."

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