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EXCLUSIVE!! Jaguar Denies Funding Any Politician!

When it comes to gracing 'The Big Ballers' list well, he is one fellow who'll never miss out.
Bet that's the reason why word out there has it that he funded some politicians during the campaigns and to add juice to that, rumour has it that he didn't join the CORD campaign trail reason being Prezzo was endorsing Its Leader.
Well, they've been known to be rivals but that surely would not be reason enough for him to do so, I mean it doesn't really add up does it?
So we had a word with the 'Matapeli' artist about this issues and I'll be quick to tell you that he READILY declined claims about him giving out some green.
He also put things straight about his alleged 'new' beef with Prezzo stating that and I quote "I supported TNA because of their manifesto not because of anyone"
Now with that,we can set those rumours at bay coz you got the word straight from the horse's mouth!

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