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Guess who the World’s Richest Rapper is!

Surprise, surprise! (Or not)
Finance and Lifestyle site has announced its annual 'five richest rappers' list... and it's kind of the usual.\
There is a common connection though - the wealthiest artists (all men) diversified away from merely recording music - and thus managed to weather the storm that many others are facing as a result of poor music sales.
Check out the top 5!
1. Diddy takes the number 1 spot at the top of the list with an estimated net worth of 580 million dollars. This despite the fact that he barely raps. He realised early on just what it takes to stay number 1 though. Diddy branched out in different areas of business including fashion and alcohol, and his brand is what keeps him on top. Kudos, Diddy!
2. Jay - Z - Beyonce's baby daddy (and genuine mogul) comes in second with 475 million dollars
"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" - Jay Z aka Shawn Carter has proven this! Artist management, owning a highly successful chain of clubs, owning a sports team - Jay Z has shown that you can still remain true to your roots, while appealing to a cross over market. It doesn't hurt that he's married to the Greatest Pop Artist of our Time.

3. Dr Dre is in third with 350 milion dollars to his name.
Yes, he's had success in music, but one of Dre's biggest payouts came courtesy of a little brand called 'Beats By Dre'. Selling a lifestyle, the headphone company which also manufactures speakers and other music related equipment (co founded with Jimmy Iovine in 2006) burst onto the scene. Handset maker HTC recently paid 300 million dollars for a 51% stake in the company with Dre pocketing around 100 million dollars from that alone. Sweet!

4. Birdman is in at 4 with 150 million dollars
No one can doubt the kind of impact and influence Birdman has in the rap game right now! He founded Cash Money Records in 1991 and seven years later managed to score a crazy distribution deal with Universal Music Group.
The label is now home to some of hip hop's highest earners last year - Birdman himself, Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

5. 50 Cent comes in at 5 with and estimated networth of 125 million dollars.
He may be as 'occassional' a rapper as Diddy these days, but he understood exactly how to make the most of a great business idea. In 2004, 50 invested in Vitamin Water, and when Coca-Cola bought the brand a few years later, it's estimated that he made $60 million off the deal. That along with other opportunities that came his way as a result of his music career have helped elevate him to the place he is in now!

The artists were in exactly the same position when Forbes announced the list last year. Let's see who manages to step up to the plate in 2013!

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