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Guess Who’s The Next Baby Daddy??

Y'all remember that some time back word had it that there was something brewing between Tanzanian artist and our very own Golden Rome Girl Avril.
Well, the two came out and brushed off the purported story which we were quite reluctant to believe.
So now here's another confirmation for those who are still unconvinced, yesterday the Bongostar announced he'll soon become a dad.
Yes! He and his girlfriend who goes by the name Penny are expecting a child, he even went ahead to reveal his plans on buying her a ride to take her through clinic checkups.
Yep! There you have it.
The 'Mbagala' singer came into limelight early last year and by the look of things, wealth and fame have been treating him well.
In fact, just the other day he turned down a Ksh 4.2 million deal...$$$ Who does that?

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