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Is That Weed He’s Smoking? (VIDEO) Chris Brown Performs in Ghana and WAIT -

Is this Rihanna's influence? I mean no offence but the Bajan beauty DOES make a lot of headlines for smoking up...just saying.
Chris Brown was in Ghana and Nigeria this week for what I can imagine must have been massive concerts BUT now the 'Beautiful People' singer is being accused of smoking weed on stage!
See Brown was in Ghana and unlike what he did to us last Christmas, he actually showed up this time and word is that mid-performance, the star smoked what looked like a joint on stage and on camera. Check it out;
Now as far as we know, there has been no action taken yet against Chris who reportedly arrived six hours before the concert and left shortly after that, taking with him a million dollars worth of pay.
We never got to see him after he canceled on us last year so I guess this video should (sadly) be as close as some of us will get to watching him perform. Enjoy!

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