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Kenyan Stars That Made the List of Top East African Artists on Facebook

Let's admit that the music scene in East Africa has honestly come a long way. I mean do you guys remember when Mr. Nice's Kidalipo used to get massive airplay?
Yeah now we are on to some Diamond, AY and Navio vibe which is great but which also means tougher competition for our stars in the 254, competition that we have however clearly triumphed.
In a list put up by popular Ugandan website Hipipo of Top 50 East African Artists on Facebook, turns out that the most highly regarded of all are Nonini, Wahu and Jua Cali (in that specific order).
Yup! They scooped up positions one to three then closing the top ten were Camp Mulla and Rabbit who were a respective number nine and ten.
The website mentioned that at least over 150 artists' Facebook pages were considered and afterwards, it emerged that Kenya topped the list with about 64% representatives.
Wow! I guess we still hold somewhat of a top spot in the music industry, although that was JUST most popular on Facebook.
Congratulations anyway!

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