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(Sorry Jay Z) Kanye West Names ‘Lil Wayne’ as World’s Number One Rapper

I get that Lil Wayne has a softer side from the fact that he sings and because ...he hangs around Drake. Lol!
But Kanye West on the other hand, threw me off on this one.
Yeah while I've always loved his bad boy "Sorry, Imma let you finish but..." character, it took me by surprise when he named Lil Wayne as the world's number one rapper.
Yup! In a rare one on one with DJ Enuff (who's up for an award in this years Africa Global DJ Awards by the way) the G.O.O.D Music star stated, "I think that Lil Wayne is the number one rapper in the world,"!
No doubt when it comes to making hits them Weezy has more than earned that tile but I can't be the only one that expected him to name Jay Z and especially considering they both worked on hit album 'Watch the Throne'.
Well, West's sentimental comments met a twitter response from the Young Money Cash Money Head Honcho yesterday which read;
Lil Wayne WEEZY F ‏@LilTunechi
That's the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius...I appreciate that Yeezy!
Wow –bromance maybe?

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