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The Game beats up 40 Glocc while holding his phone -Full Fight-

Just the other day 40 Glocc publicized he was seeking vengeance against Game over a brutal smackdown that went down sometime last year and which, I should not forget, was caught on camera.
Yes, I'm pretty sure you came across that clip right?
See, 40 here decided he wouldn't settle beef with street justice but rather smack game with a whooping $4.5 Milllion Dollar lawsuit....$$
Let's just say that many people were unimpressed by Glocc's move and wondered why he went ahead to sue Game for what many thought to be a regular street beef.
Guess it was nothing of the sort for 40 in fact he was quoted to have said,
"As far as the lawsuit, I looked at it as what he did. He didn't do that as no street shit. I looked at it more of he did it as an entertainment purpose, So if it's an entertainment purpose, 'Hey, I'm an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.' You made that fake a** movie, and made a fake a** edit. Lied about everything that took part, but you did it to assassinate me. And as an entertainer I'm like I get compensated."
In the meantime, check out the the video and be the judge.

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