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The World Wide Jameson Party Comes To Town

You know I can already picture myself downing some of this Irish whiskey and screaming my lungs out...Okay I just lied, I'll sip some but the screaming part, naaa forget that!
So the Jameson party is finally here and you can bet that it will be one heck of a party, rave heads better mark your calendars!
The party is set to go down this weekend at Ngong Race course.
It will feature top global and local disk jockeys, I'm talking about the likes of BabeyDrew (Chris Brown's official DJ) the guy who is set to headline the bash, Shero (from Dubai) and Neptune (Naeto C's official DJ and Channel O DJ).
On top of that? Our very own 254 DJ's ,Dj Stylez and Drazen will rep us. Don't miss out!

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