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‘Tupac Would Have Backed Reincarnated' Snoop Says

Tupac was and still is one of the biggies in the rap game, I mean that's one thing that we can all without a word, nod our heads to.
So ya'll know that Snoop's official 'Reincarnated' documentary drops on the 15th of March which is like four days from now and in a recent interview on his awaited Documentary somewhere in between he got to talk about the fallen star.
I don't think there isn't a present-day rapper who doesn't look up to Tupac and Snoop talked about how he was more than average when it came to his game, personality, creativity, his conscious music plus about how Pac would definitely have backed his 'Reincarnated' Documentary, which has raised a lot of controversies.
Yeah somehow I don't see that but then again I didn't know Pac like he did.
Snoop also added that if he was alive he would definitely be king not only in music but also in the movie scenes.

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