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What Do E-Sir & Biggie Smalls Have In Common??

Today being the day that E-sir's passing will be commemorated, it was such a flattering gesture for a huge fan of both iconic rappers to write down what they have in common.
The fan whose name is Edwin 'e-sir Hopper' Kiptoo posted this online and when I saw it I was very impressed.
Even with all the research I do, i have never thought of compiling something like this. This my dear friends, is a true fan.
What E Sir and Notorious BIG have in Common
 o Notorious BIG was born on 21/05/1972 while E-SIR was born on 20/05/1981,a difference of their birthdates is 1 day which i will consider in weeks.
o Coincidentally Notorious BIG died on 09/03/1997 and E-SIR on 16/03/2003 making the difference of their memorial exactly 1 week (7 days).
o A look at their names Christopher and Isah, personal thought is that Christopher is derived from Christ the Mesiah. In the same thought, Issah is the Arabic name for Jesus the Mesiah.
o Biggy's son was born on 29/10/1996,year-wise it was 7 years before E-SIR's death and memorial-wise considering the month, it was 7 months after E-SIR's death in March. E-SIR was 15 years old by the time Biggy's son was being born and died almost clocking 22 which is 7 years later with 2 months to complete his 21st Year,it basically means he lived 10 months of that year (read Biggy's son's birth month 10).
o The late E-SIR was born exactly 9 years after Biggy's birthday of which the number 9 also marks the date when Biggy dies.
o Biggy's death was a shocker to the whole music world, a lot was expected of him. More sad was the fact that he was on a promotional tour of his album to be released in 3 weeks' time in California. Same applies to his Kenyan protege, Nakuru was to be be the place where he would last perform, giving fans a taste of what they would expect from his 'Nimefika' album that was to be released a few weeks later.
Note that E-Sir's album had 13 tracks and was featured in only 3 songs by Kyraz, Buccaneers and his good friend Nameless. This makes the total number of tracks 16 which unfortunately is the date of his demise and 3(number of tracks featured) being the month of his death.
On a lighter note,E-SIR had found good friendship and partnership in a guy i think also had some Biggy connection, i personally want to think the name Slimmy Tall was a Jua Cali coinage from Biggy Smalls. Another name to be noted was Big Pin, a long-time friend whom he closely worked together at Ogopa Deejays.
To Damaris Wangui (E-Sir's mum, note that the name has 13 letters, same number as the tracks on the son's album) the fans want to THANK YOU for bringing to the world a GAME CHANGER and a LEGEND to say the least. ONE LOVE, E-SIR FOREVER.

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