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Did Malawi Strip Madonna of her VIP Status?

There have been a lot of jokes made about Madonna adopting the whole of Africa so I will save you the pun and get right to the point.
This multi-award winning and controversial singer has had multiple run-ins with the Malawian government according to online sources, since she adopted her daughter from there and we hear that recently, while returning home from a visit, the star and her team were denied VIP treatment at the terminals being made to go through the ordinary passenger terminals.
Now while I can only imagine how unhappy the star and her team must have been at being disregarded that way, a statement from Malawi's administration read that they found it "strange and depressing that... Madonna wants Malawi to be forever chained to the obligation of gratitude."
Yeah that was kinda harsh don't you think?
A while back Madonna also put plans to build a school in their country on hold thanks to what was termed as another run in with the government.
Like c'mon. She just wanted VIP treatment and she IS Madonna.

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