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First Jay Z Now Def Jam President Joie Manda Steps Down

Def Jam is a recording house that's been behind a lot of all the hits on our stereos to date.
Back in 2005, it had been Jay Z's responsibility to make sure it stays number one and after he stepped down to start Roc-A-Fella, he was replaced by former Warner Bros. exec Joie Manda.

Well at least that was until he's recent decision to step down and move into Inter-scope Records.
Yeah Manda had been with the production house for many years and cited not being there when a Kanye Record was re;eased as one of his greatest regrets but said that there is no tension between him and the label saying his move was passed on personal reasons.
So, I guess it's all the best to him then as we wait to see who takes his place.

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