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‘I am NOT Your Father’; Nigerian Actor Denies Ephy Muriithi

It's been going on for while. First of, Ephy Muriithi (or better known as 'Saint') is the young model and actor from Tahidi High that every girl seems to be drooling over.
Well over the past couple of days, media has been awash over the claims that popular Nigerian actor Pete Odochie (picture below) was his dad!
See apparently the Kenyan model/actor was convinced that the Nollywood star was his dad and after Naija websites quickly picked up on this, Pete finally came out about it in a interview with 'The Nairobian' where he says that, he is not his father and that the only Kenyan women he's seen are the ones on TV. Lol.
That drama unfolds and a few people feel like this could be a publicity stunt but either way, one of them is lying.

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