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Jay Z To Buy Beyonce an Entire What Now??

An island –that's what.
Now here's why I've never been a big fan of gift giving. Let's face it, once you start, you HAVE to keep outdoing yourself and other people that get you gifts to.
It started last year when Beyonce got Jay Z a 5 million dollar watch for his birthday that reportedly had a thousand diamonds in it and now to mark their 5th marriage anniversary, Jay is said to be buying her an entire island in the Bahamas.
Yeah they were vacationing in Cuba and while most couples would find that as gift enough, nope. Jay seems to think their lives need to get a lil more private during their holidays so an island, might actually be bought.
And what were YOU planning to buy your girlfriend this year? (o.o)
Wow. How do you even top that –buy her the moon the next time? Lol

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