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Uh Oh! Which Major Rapper Wants To Sue Oprah Winfrey?

Remember that heated Therapy Session we highlighted that had DMX, his son Xavier and a therapist by the name Iyanla?
Well that happened last week on Oprah Winfrey's Network (OWN) where Iyanla, while hosting her 'Fix My Life' show got DMX as a guest.
According to DMX, Iyanla was supposed to be helping him reunite with his son Xavier but then as the cameras were rolling, she turned it into a session about his drug abuse and bad parenting.
Yeah you can watch that here and now after X released a statement detailing how the session never went as planned and how Iyanla was ruining his life, looks like he decided that wasn't enough an is now reportedly about to sue the Queen of talk-show herself!
I get that Iyanla might have overstepped by not warning a brother about the touchy subjects they were going to tackle but suing Oprah? That can't be good.

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