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Violin and Lyrical Awesomeness! Watch Rigga’s ‘Sina Chorus’ (New Video)

This is one of those 'good-feel' songs that will have you bobbing your head and unashamedly singing along.
Blending the very Kenyan Four-on-the-floor beat that is common in Genge and Kapuka, Rigga talks about life's hardships in 'Sina Chorus' (translated to I don't have a chorus) with easy flow expressing the need to keep pushing on.
Yup! A great message and appropriate for this Easter period.
Rigga is an urban gospel music artist and is yet to disappoint having already done an amazing job on tracks like 'Ibada Yangu' ft Chizi where at some point he switches to French.
He's been involved in a couple of projects among them being, Hip 'Hope' with Juliani, multiple school tours with the K Crew and ChitChat with A Star.
Well this new one is just as amazing (if not more) and here's your chance to rate it,
Good luck staying away from the replay button! (:
Rigga released his debut album 'Urban Prayers' last year and last we heard he was at school waiting to be admitted to the bar.

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