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Beef Mode! Frank Ocean Hits Out at Chris Brown AGAIN!

The feud between the two R&B crooners began late last year after they had a brawl at a night-club in NewYork City. Well, they sorted their issues and made us believe that it was all cool but turns out they ain't.
See Frank Ocean released a lyric sheet of his upcoming track 'Versace' and in it he refers to Brown as 'Sloppy' (ouch) though he doesn't call him by name.
In the track he talks more of the recent Grammy Awards, See he referred to an incident where Chris Brown didn't' applaud him while he got the award for 'Best Contemporary Album' a category that Brown had also been nominated for.
"You could stay seated I'm taking that Grammy/ Your music is sloppy/Niggas is heated they keep on repeating the evening in slow mo,"
I wonder what Chris Brown had to say about that. He has been in and out of court recently over Hit &Run charge .He allegedly rear ended another car and fled form the scene, an incident that happened In May.
Well, regarding this new beef, It's clearly hate from one end, I'm just saying.

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