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Did You Know That This Actor Also Sings?? (Audio!)

Actor Charli is no stranger to the Kenyan limelight. If you are a fan of Kenyan TV productions, then "Makutano Junction" and "Better Days" are no new names to you.
He was the lead player on the cast of those two TV Series and currently, he hosts the children's show "THE KNOW ZONE"
But aside from his stage and screen credits, Charli also works in music. His first singing appearance was with the coca cola pop stars competition, later co-writing the song "FIRE IN YOUR KISS" of the coca cola Pop stars group SEMA.
He has a new song out and the message is amazing. Dubbed "Superstar", the song is about the person in your life who will stand by you through the good and the bad. "Superstar", he says, "is a song to the people we love...that they are seen, they are heard and they are loved!"
Have a listen!

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