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EXCLUSIVE! Avril Talks Delay in the Launch of Her Earphones!

If you recall, a while back songstress Avril revealed to us that she was set to drop her brand of ear phones tagged Gs& Fs; a project in which she partnered with the Innovators Society of Kenya under the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology.
Well, it's been a minute, and although massive projects like this can take some time, her fans have been wondering what really happened to the plan.
So we decided to have a word with 'Hakuna Yule' singer.
She revealed to us that she is working really hard with her production team to get things up. Avril also added that the government is somewhat to blame for the delay since the registration process took too long than expected.
Anyway, no need to fret. The project is currently in its final stages and it doesn't seem like we'll have to wait that much longer - they should be out late this month, or early next month.
That's the latest from Avril's camp.

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