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GOOD HEAVENS! Guess Who Proposed to Nicki Minaj? (Video)

 Nicki Minaj is somewhat every guy's dream girl, I mean let's be honest guys would give anything to 'b**&' her. With those wicked curves and a forget me not face? Damn!
Turns out that dj Khaled is among the few who wouldn't mind sharing their innermost feelings in public.
In a recent interview with MTV, he actually confessed his love for YMCMB queen Nicki Minaj and even went as far as asking for her hand in MARRIAGE. *Crickets*
Lawd! He even had a ring with him topped with an emotional look...can someone please tell him he's gone nuts! But maybe he's got real love for the lass. (Brewing laughter)
Could it have been a stunt?
You be the judge, check out the video below.

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