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What’s Your Dream Kenyan Music Collabo?

 Last week Just a Band and Sauti Sol had a burger challenge over at Brew Bistro (oh, and Sauti Sol won for those who care to know). While it was good to see two of my favorite local acts go at each other in a spirit of "competition" – albeit a gluttonous one – I couldn't help but think how amazing it would be for these two bands to collabo on the same song.
While their two styles of music differ significantly (Sauti Sol are more into Afro-Fusion while Just a Band are known for incorporating elements of house and electronica into their music), that's what makes this dream collabo that much more appealing. It should be noted that Bien from Sauti Sol is credited with vocals on Just a Bands 82 album, but I'm talking bigger.
I'm talking some insane promotion and hype before its release; i'm talking hearing Polycarp's guitar melodies over a Blinky Bill bassline; I'm talking an insanely creative video to follow.
PLEASE GUYS! Make this happen. For music. For Kenya. For Humanity.
Okay I'm done with the melodrama. Who would you like to hear do a song together? Let's dream together.

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