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Confirmed! DNA, Wyre, Kidis and Amelina Shoot Music Video Today

DNA's hit songs are always anthems and he's currently still riding high on his song 'Maswali Ya Polisi'.
Now that said, he recently hit the studios to record a remix to another song, this time teaming up with Coast's Male artist of the year 2012 Kidis.
It might have started out as a rumor but confirming that today, DNA is right now, shooting that video with stars Wyre, Amelina and Kidis himslef.
The track called Kamua Leo –Twajichanganya is bound to catch on even in Nairobi and especially as soon as that video drops which should be in a number of days.
The shoot is being done in 'Fort Jesus' Kibera and will be among DNAs first music projects of 2013.

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